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music therapy major.

Think I may have bit off more than I can chew

In addition to regular camp duties next week, I’m running a workshop twice, Speaking for alumni, and doing a music enrichment consultation.

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Today my boyfriend bought a label maker


Today my boyfriend bought a label maker

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spiral-star asked: Heyoo I saw your post about the sex ed class you're going to teach! I highly recommend mentioning Sexplanations on Youtube as a source for where people can get more information about anything related to sex. The channel is run by a sexologist and she covers a lot of different topics from different kinds of condoms, to gender vs. sexual identity, masturbation, etc. and encourages staying curious and being informed. I would include a link but tumblr won't let me ;;


WOw. She’s great. Why did I not know about her before?! Thanks for sharing & I will def be recommending her videos at the end of my presentation. <3

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Hey all! I’m currently working on revamping a workshop for teens all about sexual safety and health called RISK. It’s all about the risks that come along with sex and how/where to go if you need help.

I’m trying to come up with some follow up questions for after the session and I need some help. I want them to be able to get information that they won’t necessarily be taught in health class and I want to make questions that focus on different genders/sexualities. If anyone has ideas plz inbox them to me! :)

Here are some of my questions so far:

what are the 4 fluids that transfer disease?
what type of condom is more effective and why?
What type of lube to use with a latex condom?
What do you do with a condom when you’re done with it?


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Step 325: Know how to find the right apartment →


From the ole inbox: A friend (or two) of mine and I wanna get our own place. Aside from cost (rent is TOO DAMN HIGH), what do we need to look out for or know?

An excellent question! Here we go:

Before you are ready to move: Make sure to keep an updated document of your current and past…

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calling all men dogs is seriously offensive to dogs 

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